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Angus Clark (2002) Illustrated Elements of Tai Chi Includes excellent illustration and description of the Cheng Man-ch'ing Short Form including Dr Chi Chiang Tao's variations. Also includes history and background to Tai Chi.  Element Books. (Recommended Book for Short Form)


Angus Clark (2001) The Complete Illustrated Guide to Tai Chi Includes very good illustration and description of the Yang Short Form including Dr Chi Chiang Tao's variation of the Cheng Man-ch'ing Form.  (earlier, larger format, edition of recommended Book for Short Form Classes)


Angus Clark (2011) Tai Chi with Angus Clark. Long awaited DVD from Angus with very clear explanations of Cheng Man Ching Short Form and Dr Chi variations. Individual moves are shown in detail as well as whole form from the front, and player’s position to join in with. Recommended DVD for Short Form classes.


Angus Clark (2006) Secrets of Qigong Small book packed full with information including detailed instructions for the White Crane Qigong sequence.





Paul Lam Tai Chi for Arthritis DVDs cover Dr Lam’s Sun Style form for people with arthritis, very clear step by step instructions. Dr Lam has also created Tai Chi forms for other conditions including diabetes. These and many other DVDs, audio CDs, books and articles are available from:  www.taichiproductions.com (international ordering) or contact us for information about ordering from a UK-based provider.


Paul Lam and Judith Horstman (2002)  Overcoming Arthritis Dorling Kindersley.  Plenty of good practical advice and information about general health and living with arthritis. Also includes description of the Sun Style Tai Chi for Arthritis Form that Dr Lam created for people with arthritis. This form is suitable for most people, including those with other health and mobility difficulties. (Recommended book for Tai Chi for Arthritis Health Class).




Petra and Toyo Kobayashi (2003)  Classical Tai Chi Sword Wonderful text book on Tai Chi Sword as taught by Dr Chi Chiang Tao. The very best visuals I have come across in a book to show a moving form. Also includes much valuable and useful information about Tai Chi Sword.




Angus Clark’s Secrets of Qigong gives a clear description of the White Crane Qigong set. Although out of print, you can usually find good quality second hand copies online.




Cheng Man-ch'ing  T'ai Chi Ch'uan A simplified method of calisthenics for health and self defense The paperback version of the classic on Cheng Man-chi'ing's Yang short form with photos and descriptions.


Wolf Lowenthal  There are No Secrets   Stories of Professor Cheng Man-ch'ing from the perspective of one of his students. Inspiring and informative as it includes many of the Professor's teachings.


Wolf Lowenthal  Gateway to the Miraculous Further explorations of the Tao of Cheng Man-ch'ing.  Also includes extracts from Yang Cheng Fu's teachings.


Cheng Man-ch'ing  Cheng man-Ch'ing's Advanced T'ai-Chi Form Instructions   Includes Cheng's explanation of martial applications of the form as well as a number of his articles on Tai Chi, medicine, painting and meditation.


Alan Peck  (1990)  An Introduction to T’ai Chi  Optima  An excellent general introduction with lots of information and advice for students.  (out of print but second hand copies are available)


Benjamin Pang Jeng Lo, Martin Inn, Robert Amacker, Susan Foe  The Essence of Tai Chi Ch'an - The Literary Tradition   The Tai Chi Classics - translations with beautiful calligraphy by Benjamin Lo.


Master Lam Kam Chuen (2003) The Way of Power, Gaia Books Ltd  This book includes exercises to build power, and standing exercises Zhan Zhuang.  There are also several other Gaia titles by Master Lam, including the The Way of Energy and The Way of Healing.


Cheng Man-ch’ing and Robert W Smith (first published 1967) T’ai-chi  The ‘Supreme Ultimate’ Exercise for Health, Sport, and Self-Defense  Includes very full description and many photos and diagrams of the Yang Form, along with information from the Classics of Tai Chi   Charles E Tuttle Co


Chungliang Al Huang  Essential Tai Chi  Includes beautiful photographs and Chinese calligraphy, inspiring writing and a fairytale story of the origins of Tai Chi.  ISBN 1587611090.  Celestial Arts. May be out of print but second hand copies are available and other earlier versions exist.  



Master Lam Kam Chuen Stand Still Be Fit – The Way of Energy  Channel 4 Video www.channel4.com


Useful links


Living Movement Tai Chi - Angus Clark's school. Angus studied under Alan Peck and Dr Chi Chiang Tao, and offers several great weekend and week retreats and courses throughout the year.


Adrian Murray teaches mainly in London. He has studied under Alan Peck, Dr Chi Chiang Tao and other major teachers.


Alan Peck’s Natural Way T’ai Chi School website has a wonderful introduction to Tai Chi with explanation about links to health and martial arts along with advice about practice.  Alan has also included many articles about theory of Tai Chi, drawing on his deep knowledge and experience of Tai Chi and Chinese Medicine.


Dee Swift of Lakes Tai Chi runs short courses as well as her regular classes.  Her website includes lots of good links to other tai chi websites and a really interesting section of views from students.


John Bolwell of Pennine Tai Chi has trained in many martial arts including Tai Chi and weapons from a wide range of traditions.  John also takes a deep interest in many other physical and performing arts, including Japanese Taiko drumming, and Beijing Opera. He often combines story telling with movement and martial arts to create a spellbinding experience.  


Tai Chi Caledonia annual tai chi camp in Scotland with opportunities to study with many teachers and meet other tai chi students. Great fun and offers rare access to internationally important teachers.


Tai Chi Research


Many clinical studies are under way and it seems new research is published almost daily.  A major review of studies in this area by Wang is The Effect of Tai Chi on Health outcomes in Patients with Chronic Conditions  Wang et al  Arch Intern Med 2004: 164 : 493-501  This webpage also includes onward references to other later articles citing this one.